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or cig online dating webbplatser los angeles smokers. Without a doubt the most superior Strong Burley I have ever smoked, and not to brag but this ole Kentucky boy knows a bit about Burley. My excitement was rewarded. It burns for a long time even in a small bowl and i find it most satisfying. You will not be disappointed. Got to give Solani Aged Burley Flake a four star rating in it's class. Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note Emeritus Account (28353) Medium Very Mild Medium Pleasant to Tolerable As a first point, I would like to settle a discussion below about who manufactures this flake. And that my friends, is a wonderfully full taste of high quality burley tobacco. Just right sized flakes, easy to tend, easy to smoke, and it's keeps your attention. It is a simple tobacco, really, all burley, from three terroirs, blended and aged and prepared with such skill that it is elevated beyond its components. Either way (moist- or dried-out this tobacco has a tangy and bitter tone to it, like that of pure cocoa-beans, or 80-90 cocoa chocolate, which I find pleasing. This flake burns slowly and evenly and provides a lot of satisfaction and pleasure.

Galway bög dejtingsajt
galway bög dejtingsajt

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Through the retrohale I get a hint of pepper. Along with Irish Flake, my two absolute favorite pipe tobaccos. There is also a soft malty sweetness. 4 stars all the way. I found it performed best in a meerschaum or double walled clay pipe, both of which tamed the Burley Beast and reduced the potential for tongue bite while allowing for a bit more rigorous puffing. Pipe Used: Cob Briar Age When Smoked: Fresh Purchased From: smokingpipes 1 person found this review helpful. I hadn't got the courage to smoke another Burley until reading multiple reviews here and on PSF. My pipe tobacco at interracial dating site app that time was limited to drug store brands. Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note Emeritus Account (28353) Medium None Detected Medium Tolerable The story goes that Rudiger Will worked on this blend for a year and still was not satisfied. Sometimes breaking up into strands, sometimes rough and blocky. It's hard to describe, what do i mean with dark-flavors?!.transformed into musical terms: minor-flavors. Typical cheap-cigar notes of some burleys are happily absent, giving way instead to dark malt and pleasantly bitter nut.

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